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Typing speed is an important tool to have in an increasingly digital age. You can check your speed here on with our online typing test and evaluate your typing speed.









Note: Some Android phones may not support the keyboard, thus you may get an error while typing. Try typing on a desktop instead.

A typing speed test is an assessment that evaluates an individual's typing proficiency by measuring the speed at which they can type. The objective of a typing speed test is to type a set of words or sentences within a specific duration while maintaining accuracy, and the resulting score is based on the number of words typed correctly per minute.

This tool is useful for individuals who want to improve their typing skills or those who require fast typing abilities for work purposes. With the advent of technology and the increasing importance of computer literacy in modern times, typing speed has become a crucial skill to possess.

Typing speed tests are available online, and they usually present the user with a sample passage to type. Upon completion, the test calculates the number of words typed accurately and gives a final score in words per minute (WPM). It's important to note that accuracy is equally crucial as speed since even a small number of errors can significantly affect the final score.

In conclusion, taking a typing speed test can help individuals determine their typing capabilities and identify areas that require improvement. Practicing regularly can help to increase typing speed and accuracy, leading to greater efficiency in various personal and professional endeavors.

There are a variety of use cases for typing speed tests, including:

  • Employment: Many companies use typing speed tests as part of their hiring process, particularly for jobs that require a high level of typing skills.
  • Education: Typing speed tests are often used in educational settings to help students improve their typing skills and increase their overall productivity.
  • Personal improvement: Many people use typing speed tests as a way to track their progress and improve their typing skills over time.
  • Competitive typing: There are a number of typing speed competitions that allow people to compete against each other to see who can type the fastest.
  • Online typing games: There are many online typing games that use typing speed tests as part of their gameplay, providing a fun way for people to improve their typing skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Online Typing Speed test & its Benefits?

The online typing speed test is a test to evaluate your typing speed whenever you are working on digital content. With the increase in the need for digital content, it is only natural for one to test and increase their typing speed. The online typing speed test gives you accurate results on your normal typing speed along with a variety of other benefits. These benefits include an analysis of your speed test, tips and tricks into getting a better typing speed, and complete know-how into how you can increase your typing speed.

2. How to use the typing speed test on

It is very easy to use the online speed test on, you just need to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the workzly website.
  • On the top right you will see a link to the speed test.
  • Go to the link and the speed test page will open.
  • Press any key on your keyboard and the test will start.
  • Type out the lines that are on your screen at the fastest and least incorrect speed you can.
  • After typing out 5-6 sentences the speed test will show your typing speed in Words per minute (WPM).

3. How to improve at the speed test?

The only way to improve your online typing speed at the speed test is to simply practice typing. Practice makes a man perfect and you can always improve your typing speed by practicing it on the workzly typing speed test. With practice, your typing speed is bound to get better.

4. What is the average typing speed?

The average typing speed of an average user is 38 to 40 WPM (words per minute). The typing speed of an average professional typist however can type from 65 to 75 WPM which is considerably faster than an average person.

5. What is Character Per Minute (CPM )?

CPM or Characters per minute simply refers to the characters a person presses on the keyboard while typing. Characters include spaces, punctuation, numbers, etc along with alphabets. Thus, a speed of 38-40WPM can translate into 190-200 CPM (characters per minute).

6. What is Words Per Minute (WPM)?

WPM or Words per minute simply refers to the number of words a person can type per minute. Please note that while counting words, spaces, punctuations, numerical digits don’t count.

7. Typing test rules in

There are a certain number of rules one must follow while doing the speed test. These include:

  • No AI intervention is allowed.
  • Always try to type correctly rather than fast and incorrect.
  • Do not misuse the typing tool for anything other than a typing test.
  • For every uncorrected error, there will be a 1 WPM deduction.