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Are you a student looking for job opportunities? or an experienced working professional looking to change their field of interest? Then Resume Writing Jobs are your best option. These jobs essentially include talking to a client, understanding their needs for a resume, and based on that along with an analysis of the industry they are interested in. Create a resume. 

With new startups coming up each day, and big corporations being on the constant lookout for New candidates. However, a lot of these candidates lose out on jobs because they don’t have a professional resume. This situation has created a high demand for resume writers, making this a very lucrative job right now.

Job Nature

The basic nature of the job is essentially creating resumes according to the client’s needs. This includes basic graphic design and a good grasp of the English language. In this job, what is needed is an understanding of different industries and elements they look for in a resume. One has to understand the industry standard and then tailor the resume according to the client’s need.

Pay Rates

The pay rates of resume writing jobs depend entirely on the experience of the writer. Experienced writers charge exuberantly because of their clear understanding of the needs of corporate organizations and their fast-paced work.

Pay Scale of Resume Writing job differs as per the experience in the field as follows:

  • Entry Level: Rs.20-50/job
  • Mid Level: Rs.50-80/job
  • Expert level: Rs.80-150/job


There are several benefits to starting a job in Resume Writing. Some of them being:

  • Creating Resumes gives the writer a lot of new insight into various industries and how they function. This knowledge is critical for surviving in a corporate environment. 
  • Creating Resumes gives the writer a lot of experience in dealing with a variety of clients. Since there is no dearth of jobs, resumes get created for a variety of industries; resume writers thus gain a lot of experience in dealing with several types of clients.
  • Resume writing is in high demand in this economic climate, with thousands of aspiring candidates looking for jobs every day. Along with high demand, as you get experience working as a resume writer, your pay rate will substantially increase as well.


Since the nature of the job includes an intricate understanding of corporate set-ups and their employee requirements, the eligibility for resume writing jobs is naturally higher than other jobs.

One of the foremost requirements for the job is a graduate degree in a relevant field. Along with a graduate degree, a strong grasp of the English language is necessary as well. Another essential thing is a basic understanding of graphic design. Since the resume requires leaving a lasting impression on the employer, good graphic design is very important. Last but not least, a prior understanding of the working environment of different industrial sectors is important as well. A resume writer can only do a good job when they have a good idea of what the employer is looking for.


In order to start looking for and getting resume writing jobs, a candidate will have to register on our website. There is no fee or any hidden charges to apply for jobs from Please beware of any scammers that might call you or email you and ask for money or credit/debit card details using our name.

To sum up, Resume writing jobs are one of the most lucrative jobs on the market right now. With new companies setting up industries in India, and many new start-ups opening; there is a steady rise in job vacancies. With these new vacancies, there are plenty of candidates who are looking for jobs but are unable to get one because of a poorly made resume; making the need for a resume writer very apparent and in fact due to the high demand, quite well paying as well. So make an account on today and start your journey as a resume writer.


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