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There is no doubt content writing offers so many opportunities. This medium of communication has been in use over and over. 

Today, the world is rapidly becoming digital-savvy and more interconnected using social media and the internet at large. Thanks to this shift to the online space, there's a major increase in demand for engaging content. This is where content writers step in. 

As you fill the gap, you have the power to alter people's perspectives on topics and draw people to products. Additionally, you can make the decision to create content remotely or not.

You can also choose to take on a freelance job or to work with top companies as a full-time or part-time employee. There's so much to consider, and here at, we have lots of content writing jobs for our freelancers.

This article aims to expose you to the modalities of content writing at and what it takes to land great content writing jobs.’s Content Writing Job Nature

Content writing is a genre of professional writing. It involves writing or curating high-quality content to engage a target audience. 

The big question is - Do you have what it takes to be a content writer? I guess you do. But first, let’s look into all that content writing entails. You also would get to know how this unique career path benefits you.

Eligibility To Apply Content Writing Jobs

The great thing here is that most content writing jobs for beginners do not require a particular degree or qualification to be eligible. What we require of you is the ability to do proper research and write excellently. 

So, regardless of your academic background, you are eligible to sign up at and build a lucrative freelance career in content writing.  

However, you should note that some clients may require a bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communication. A degree in a language is also beneficial and it is helpful to have some training or experience in whatever area you are to write about.

Benefits OF Working With As A Content Writer

Selecting content writing as your profession comes with many perks. The perks increase when you choose to work with Working with us as a content writer comes with many exciting benefits that include: 

  • Opportunity to choose from a wide range of jobs - With hundreds of content writing job opportunities posted on our website daily, you can apply from anywhere in the world. This allows you to reach stretches worldwide and work with individuals, digital marketing agencies and top companies all around the world. Naturally, this gives you the chance to build a great personal network as well. 
  • Expands your threshold of knowledge - By writing on different subjects and conducting research, you get to learn a lot about a vast number of topics. This learning experience stretches your mind and allows you to fine-tune your skills. 
  • Flexibility - On, you can set things up based on what works best for you. You can completely identify as a remote freelancer. This means you largely have the freedom to work wherever and whenever you want. With this, you would have to issue with getting a great work-life balance.
  • Self-management and autonomy - Most writers get to explore and express their creativity in their own way. This means not having someone breathing down your neck. Each content writing has its own style based on what the writer wishes to express. You also can pick what projects and assignments you want to take on.

Responsibilities Of A Content Writer

As a content writer, you are responsible for crafting content that meets the demands of the client. Ideally, every detail about the job would have been included in the description. The content has to be of high quality, and it should be clear and SEO friendly.

In cases of writing product description content, It is your responsibility to pay attention to how best a certain product can be promoted or a certain topic can be addressed. 

Feels like we are teaching you your job, but It's not that; we are only trying to lay emphasis on the important things. 

Many content writers are also in charge of social media platforms. 

In certain cases, the content writing job may include bits of digital marketing. In this case, the writer is responsible for creating marketing copy when needed. 

This is content created as a valuable tool to promote or sell products and services. It both educates and motivates customers, stirring interest in what your company has to offer. 

Technical Skills Required

There is a fine balance between creative work and technical expertise in content writing. To write content of high quality, you would need to possess certain technical skills. Some of these skills are:

  • Effective Editing and Proofreading Skills: Great content has to be concise and clear so that it is easy to read and the concept is easily understood. There also has to be minimal errors and proper citation and format. All these are skills that a good content writer has to possess. 
  • Search Engine Optimization: To ensure that the content is visible and drives traffic, a content writer has to make sure the content aligns with search engine algorithms. This involves the use of keywords and phrases, heading tags, metadata and so on. 
  • Linguistic Accuracy: Content writing requires a great command of the language you are writing in to ensure fluency. Writers have to correctly use the language system, including punctuation, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.
  • Social Media Proficiency: Many content writers have to curate content for the organization's social media. This requires proficient use of media platforms and an ability to develop an effective content creation plan. 
  • Computer Literacy: Most content writers have to work using online tools. Having to constantly work online or use a computer, it is necessary to be familiar with its use.
  • Efficient Use of Word Processing and Content Management Systems: Word Processing systems include such as Google docs and spreadsheets. 
  • Proficiency in Research and Data Analysis

Pay rates

Time to talk about the fun part: money. How much should you be paid as a content writer on 

In India, many content writing jobs for freshers offer an average of Rs100 - 250 per hour. While full-time and more experienced Indian content writers can earn anywhere in the range of Rs20,000 - $30,000 annually. 

In the United States, content writers earn an average of $20.49 per hour in the United States. A full time job for more experienced writers can offers a rate anywhere in the range of $40,000 - $84,000 annually. A freelance job often would pay per word.

Payment depends largely on the experience level and skillset of content writers.

We often pay per word and there is no Freelance - Client arrangement. We assign all jobs directly. 

Final Thoughts

Starting off in a new professional space is never easy. Thankfully, things have gotten a bit easier with the onset of online work. To kick-start your career as a content writer, sign up on We increase your chances of being hired for content writing jobs and offer you great rates. 

Unlike others, takes off the pressure of working with the client directly. You get access to in-house job postings and you get paid directly from the site. There's no time to hesitate because every second counts. 

Take the opportunity. Sign up and get started today! 


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