Content Writing Jobs

Are you a student or a working professional looking for a change in the field? Are you looking for high-paying jobs that offer extensive insight into the corporate world? Well, then content writing jobs are the perfect option for you. These jobs include writing a variety of articles, ads, and social media copies, and these jobs give you an insight into the sector you’re working on. With the advent of the internet as a major business tool, all sectors are looking for writers who can brand and publish content for their companies. From major corporations to small startups, every company is in dire need of content writers, making this job very lucrative at the moment.

Job Nature

By very nature, a content writing job involves writing blog posts,  website content, product/service reviews, advertisements, and social media copy, etc.

This job has a certain learning curve to it and not everyone can become a content writer.  An understanding of the corporate clientele and the ability to research fast and swiftly is very much required to work as a content writer.  As a content writer, one has to deal with a multitude of clients coming from different backgrounds and different sectors. So, an overall understanding of almost every sector is necessary along with the ability to write in a way that satisfies every need of the client.

Pay Rates

The pay rates in content writing jobs can differ in one particular aspect. The experience of the writer.

If you are an experienced content writer, you can likely earn more money for your services. The upside of being an experienced content writer is that your pay rates will be higher because you specialize in particular fields and a faster pace in writing.

Pay Scale from beginner to expert level can be as follows:

  • Entry Level: Rs.300-4000/mo
  • Mid Level: Rs.500-7000/mo
  • Expert Level: Rs.800-25000/mo


Content Writing Jobs have several benefits. Some of them are:

  • Creative writing jobs give an insight into corporate industries. As a content writer, you have to deal with several different industries and research them. This gives you extensive insight into the corporate world, which helps you in the long run.
  • There is no dearth of work. The need for content writers is on a steady rise every day with big corporations to small startups, all needing content writers. If you are a content writer, you can be assured of constant work and a steady paycheck.
  • With experience, your pay rates can increase substantially. Since content writers are in constant demand the payment for the work done is also high, making content writing a very lucrative job right now. The more experience you have as a content writer, the more money you can easily make.


Since the nature of content writing jobs includes writing for major companies, the eligibility to become a content writer is naturally higher than other jobs. A content writer should at least be a graduate in a relevant subject. A strong grasp of the English language and grammar is an absolute necessity for this job. Along with this, a prior understanding of the market, how corporate industries function, and a working knowledge of social media apps and websites is something that a lot of employers are looking for today. A fairly fast typing speed is something that content writers should have as well because the deadlines are often quite short and companies can’t afford to have a delay in their work.


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To sum up, content writing jobs are one of the most lucrative job options available to you right now. With some experience and practice, you can be earning a substantial amount of money in no time working as a content writer. So log on to and find the content writing job that is most suitable for you.