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Finding the proper online typing jobs in today's digital market is like finding a needle in a haystack. So many companies and freelancers hire new typists worldwide that establishing trust and reliability across online platforms becomes difficult. In addition, the pay for the jobs also matters a lot.

This is where comes into play. It is an online job platform where you can find part-time and full-time typing jobs. Even if you are a freelancer, you can find any type of typing job suitable for your requirements on this wonderful platform. But being a new user, you might not know the eligibility criteria you need to meet as an online typist or your responsibilities.

Keeping this in mind, we have introduced some major aspects you should know about and online typing jobs

Features of’s online typing jobs

Versatile job offers

First, offers versatile job offers to its users. From a simple transcription job to a virtual assistant, one can work in different posts according to one's skills and years of hands-on experience. In addition, the jobs revolve around different conditions, like the number of days to be completed, text pieces, and so on. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about having a mundane job life.

Varied pay rates

Another interesting feature of is the variable pay rates. The company executives decide the pay scale based on whether you have chosen a part-time or full-time job. If you want to work as a part-time typist, the salary will depend on the number of hours you have worked. On the other hand, the company offers a salary package for full-time employees.

Direct contact with the client

You will have more exposure to working with clients, ensuring you can understand the work and any desired requirements. If you opt for an assistant post, you can even work with the executives of top companies partnered with

Remote working

You can also work remotely from your home instead of visiting any office. Therefore, you don't have to worry about shifting to another state for the job. Just ensure to submit the projects on time and meet the expectations of your clients. The more projects you work on with sincerity, the better your chance to bid for a higher pay scale will be.

Eligibility of working with as an online typist

To start working as an online typist on, there are certain things you should consider. In other words, you must meet the eligibility criteria to ensure you can join your typist career.

Below is a detailed list of the eligibility criteria as explained:

  • You should score more than 80 wpm in the online typing state to work with
  • You should have proper knowledge about various applications required for online typing.
  • In addition, you also should have proper knowledge about different forms of typing, like academic writing, business text, and more.
  • You should have proficiency in English and must understand various accents spoken worldwide.

Responsibilities of online typist

Before you sign up for any typing salaried or freelance jobs, you should understand the responsibilities of an online typist. Although the job description is almost similar to any other typist office job, there are certain differences. Therefore, knowing about the responsibilities will help you in the long run.

  1. You have to write different documents after listening to audio clips, verbal dictations, and other types of media files.
  2. You must reformat, edit, and combine all the written documents per the client's requirements.
  3. As a virtual assistant for any company, you may have to prepare drafts based on datasets recorded in spreadsheets, documents, presentations, and other raw materials.
  4. You should also be ready to proofread any document written previously and check the spelling and grammar to make it flawless and error-free.
  5. You also have to work as a transcriber and convert any audio file or handwritten document into digital copies.
  6. As a typist, you will be responsible for managing all digital documents, updating them continuously, and so on.
  7. You might have to record all the minutes of meetings in written format as notes.
  8. You may have to prepare final audit reports after listening to everything the client requires in any official document, like the company contracts, terms and conditions, etc.

Skills required for a typist

You need certain skills for full-time and part-time jobs as a typist. These skills are necessary for you to become successful in online typing. So, let's glance at what skills you need to have as a typist.

  1. Computer skills: You should know about working with MS Word, Google documents, spreadsheets, notepads, and other applications. These are important for typing any document. Knowing the features and how to access each of them is crucial.
  2. Accuracy in typing: You must know how to write anything with maximum accuracy and minimal typing errors. For example, you must not make spelling mistakes when you type with blazing speed.
  3. Knowing the keyboard: Most typing and data entry jobs require professionals who know the keyboard excellently. For instance, you should know how the alphabet is arranged on the keyboard, using shortcuts, etc.
  4. Listening skills: Sometimes, you might have to transcribe an audio file into a written document or take verbal dictation. For this, you have to work on your listening and interpretation skills. You should be able to understand every word being spoken in different language accents, like American English, British English, Australian English, and more.

Take a free typing speed test now & check your WPM score

Before you take typing jobs from home, you must take a free typing test. This will help you to know the WPM score and if you are ready to start a job as a responsible typist. There are several platforms where you can take this free typing test.

The following is the right way to take the online typing test before you apply for a job.

  1. Once you have searched the site where you want to take the test, read the terms and conditions.
  2. After this, you will be given a dummy test for typing. If you get a dummy test, you need to write, and with each correct word written, that will get marked as green while a wrongly typed word will get marked as red.
  3.  With the given document in the test, you need to find out if the written text is in proper synchronization with the words available in the document.
  4. After you submit the document as per the timer, you can view the results.
  5. Most websites show the number of words typed in a minute and the accuracy percentage.

If you want the best typing jobs, try to keep the score at 80 wpm or more. Also, the accuracy percentage must be within 95% to 99%.

Pay rates at for online typing

Most companies offering typing jobs decide the pay scale according to the role of the typist, skills and experience level, domain of work, and more. For instance, if a typist has hands-on experience of more than three years or has the skills a company needs, the pay scale will be higher.

The pay rate is hourly, like INR 200 per hour. The more you work, the more you can get paid. On the other hand, if you have chosen a full-time job as a typist, you will get a monthly salary. It won't be based on an hourly basis. Every day you should reach the target allocated to prevent any deduction from your salary.

At, the company executives will determine the pay scale of the typists. The pay rate will be lower during the internship or training phase, but it will increase once you complete the phase. Also, the pay rate for full-time typists is higher than that of part-time employees. Sometimes, the projects run for a short time, like preparing a single draft document for a company.

In this case, the pay rate depends on the bid placed. will take care of the bids and assign the project to you according to your skills and experience.

Best Part of working with

  1. Zero Investment needed: The best part of starting this work is that you require zero investment. Your time, laptop, and skills are all you require with this no-qualifications-required online job.
  2. Work from the comfort of your home: The great part of this job is the work-from-home culture which provides flexibility in job timings. No office or travel is required.
  3. No registration fee required: Normally, genuine websites do not charge registration and deposits. Simply fill out the application form, accept a project that matches your talents, pricing range, and specifications, and start typing while submitting it by the timeframes specified.
  4. Favorable payment modes: Many students love this job for its daily, weekly, and monthly payments, depending on the assignments.

Grab The Top Online Typing Jobs On

Suppose you are looking for the best online typing jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home, collaborating with sounds feasible. This online platform offers excellent job opportunities from some of the top-rated companies in the world. Furthermore, they pay well, more than other platforms.

Take the typing speed test and find out how many words you can write in a minute with some accuracy. This will help you to take jobs according to your skills and capacity. Start with short-term projects to understand your role as a typist. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily opt for high-scale projects.


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