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Does your work require a lot of paperwork that needs to be edited? Workzly’s online image to text converter can help digitize your paperwork that can be edited further with ease.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the workzly.in the image to text converter?

Workzly’s image to text converter is a very efficient way to digitally convert your paperwork into a text format so that you can edit them without any hassle. Workzly’s converter uses advanced optical character recognition technology, which identifies all types of text in a variety of formats including jpg, png, etc. The converter can also identify different handwriting's so that you can easily convert your notes into digital copies for safekeeping and editing.

Using the workzly image to text converter is a very easy process:

  • Go to the workzly website.

  • On the top right you will see a link to the online image to text converter.

  • Click the link and the image to text converter page will open.

  • Click on upload and upload the image file to the converter.

  • In just a few seconds you will find a .txt file that contains an editable version of all the text in the image.

Why use an image-to-text converter?

There are several reasons why you should use the image-to-text converter. These include:

  • It can be used for academic work. Often you might need a digital copy of notes you have been making and it is too long to type it out, thus you can simply use the image to text converter to convert the notes into editable texts.

  • Texts written on paper are prone to decay thus making it difficult to keep them safe for a long time. Digitizing texts which are important to you can help you safeguard the data in the text for a very long time in a digital format.

What are the benefits of the online image to text converter?

There are several benefits of using an online image-to-text converter. These include:

  • No unnecessary installation or login is required

  • Completely free

  • Image to text conversion without any errors.

  • Helps save a lot of time and labour of retyping.