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You can now earn as much as 200 working as a product description writer.

Are you a student or a homemaker looking for a new start in your career? Are you looking to find a career in writing? In that case product description writing jobs is the best bet for you. With the surge of job vacancies lately, there is absolutely no dearth of jobs in this field with a plethora of clients looking for product description writers. These product descriptions can be for a number of websites including e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and other websites like Airbnb, etc. It includes writing for individual products for a multitude of websites and workzly can help you find the most suitable job for you.

Job Nature

Product descriptions are essentially marketing copies that are aimed towards writing in detail about the features and benefits of a certain product. And product description writing jobs entail understanding the product in detail usually for e-commerce websites or websites which showcase the products. Product descriptions have two-fold importance. Firstly, product descriptions help highlight the product on a certain e-commerce website, and secondly, product descriptions help the consumer make an informed decision about their purchase of the product. Thus, product description writing jobs are very specialized jobs. They demand a strong grasp over the language, an intricate understanding of the product, an ability to understand the keywords that will help highlight the product on the website or search engines, etc. 

Pay Rates

The pay rates of the job exclusively depend on the experience of the candidate. The more experience they have, the more they are liable to be paid for an assignment.  However, to put the pay rate for a product description writing job in a range, a person with minimal experience can earn up to ₹5.28 per hour and someone with tangible experience can earn up to ₹200 per hour. Experienced candidates are substantially more because of their excellent understanding of various products, faster delivery time, and overall better quality of the work. 


There is a multitude of benefits to working as a product description writer. These benefits include:

  • You are liable to earn more as you gain more experience writing product descriptions. 
  • Writing product descriptions gives you an extensive insight into the industry which eventually helps you develop your talent as a product description writer.
  • The market right now is replete with job description writing vacancies because of a sudden spike in vacancies. Thus, there is no dearth of jobs in this field. 


Since product description writing is a highly specialized job, the eligibility criteria are naturally quite high. A candidate has to fulfil the following criteria to work as a product description writer:

  • The candidate must possess an acute understanding of e-commerce websites and a strong grasp of the English language.
  • The candidate has to have some experience in writing on an online platform and should possess the knowledge of researching and using the necessary keywords in their marketing copies. A better understanding of online marketing and search engine optimization will inadvertently help the candidate in doing the job.
  • The candidate must possess the ability to interact with various clients and understanding their need for product descriptions. Having the ability to interact well with various clients is mandatory for all candidates who wish to become product description writers.



The requirements for an applicant for job description writer are:

  • The applicant should be between 18-40 years of age to apply for this job.
  • The applicant should have at least a graduate degree in a relevant field.
  • The candidate should be a resident of either India or the USA.
  • The applicant should have a strong grasp of the English language and should be able to write product descriptions swiftly and efficiently.
  • The applicant must own a personal computer with a general knowledge of MS word or any other relevant software.
  • A fast and stable internet connection is an absolute necessity for the applicant if he/she wishes to apply for the job.
  • The applicant must be available to start working immediately upon hiring.


A product description writer will get on a per-hour basis. And the payment will be done by the client itself on a mutually agreed transactional method including, bank transfers, online payments, etc.  


The registration for making an account on workzly and searching for a suitable job is absolutely free. No genuine client will ever ask for your account details or any form of payment in order to get a job or an assignment. Thus, please beware of any fraudulent person asking for money from you. 


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