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As the world is coming together and people are migrating from one area to another, the need for language translations has skyrocketed in recent years. And that is why the number of translation jobs has also increased significantly. But finding the best job offers with high pay rates, flexible time schedules, growth opportunities, and exciting work life is not easy. There are many online job posting platforms where one can easily find these jobs, but not all are promising and genuine.

This is where enters the scene! Being one of the best online job posting websites, we ensure to list only those translation jobs that we know are beneficial for the recruits and give them outstanding growth opportunities in the future. So, if you are looking for the best translation job, we are your one-stop platform. We only list trustworthy and reliable jobs according to the current market expectations of people looking forward to becoming translators.

Features of's translation jobs

Proper pay rates

The translation jobs at in come with varying pay rates. The pay scale relies on the internal terms and conditions of the online job posting site. However, you won't have to worry about your earnings. The pay rate will depend on the number of factors. For instance, it will include the projects you have completed, the initial bid price, work quality, and the timely delivery. 

In addition, the rates will vary according to the job type you will do at For instance, suppose you are a part-time translator at our website. Then, the pay rate will be slightly less than what full-time translators get. But we can assure you our pay rates won't disappoint you.

Versatile job listing

We at believe in versatility and diversity. This is why we not only list jobs involving the English language. Instead, we deal with job posts involving other languages. For instance, we have translation projects from Japanese to Spanish, French to Italian, Cantonese to Hindi, and so on. 

The more versatile the job offers are, the more a translator can learn and gain hands-on experience. Besides, you can find both short-term and long-term translation jobs. The short-term jobs will include one-time translation of a certain document. But the long-term job posts will help you associate yourself as a translator for a company or long-term client.

Remote working

At, you will get translation jobs for remote work. Therefore, there is nothing to be worried about. You may not wish to physically visiting the office and work from there or feel homesick. At such times, we have the solution for you. Most of the jobs listed on our website are for remote translators. 

In addition to this, you can work for foreign clients with ease just by being there at your home. All you need to do is work sincerely, live up to the promise of on-time delivery.

Built-in translation tool

We have got a built-in translation tool. Therefore, you won’t have to work very hard in document translation, especially the ones with more volume, tougher languages, less commonly used dialects, and so on. Although you can use the tools, manual proofreading ensures the translated documents don't have any missing information compared to the original document.

Eligibility to work with as a translator

Before you join to provide online language translation services, you need to meet our eligibility criteria. Without doing so, you won't be able to work as a translator with us. Below is a brief description of the eligibility criteria based on which we judge the applications of people looking forward to working with us.

  1. To start a career as a translator, you need to get a certificate for a diploma or degree course. You can do it online or get one from any institute.
  2. Your proficiency in different languages should be high. Although we don't put restrictions on proficiency in English only, knowing this language will be a bonus for you.
  3. You need to mention the languages in which you are skilled for translation. Also, you have to mention the dialects. If you want to work in any language which has multiple dialects due to different areas, you must be aware of these dialects.
  4. Another thing to remember before applying for our translation jobs is an excellent practice with online translation tools and computers. You must be able to handle these things like a pro.
  5. You also need to know the tricks of proofreading and being a pro. This is because we are strict about submitting the completed work, and we do so only when you have proofread the documents.

Responsibilities of a translator

Becoming a paid or free online translator is not so easy. A person must live up to the client's expectations and be proficient in their work. We at ensure to hire translators who understand the responsibilities of professional translators. This is because, most times, one might have to translate official documents, contracts, company licenses, etc. The following is a brief description of the responsibilities of a translator.

  • You must read the original document (paper-based and online), mark the important points, and proceed with the translation.
  • It is your duty to ensure the translated document and the original one given to you by the client are the same. Moreover, it should have any changes in their meanings. You cannot add anything on your behalf. Everything should be the same, but the language will be different.
  • You should proofread the translated document, compare every section with the original one, and then submit the final translated and edited document to the client.
  • Another responsibility you need to handle for professional translation is the usage of special dictionaries and thesaurus to find the meaning of words that seem difficult for you.
  • You should be proficient in handling research, legal, and technical translation because these need accuracy and precision. Also, sometimes, the clients may request you to introduce something additional. You should comply with the requests and do the needful while keeping the overall meaning and purpose of the translated document the same.

Skills required for a translator

Whether you want to join as a part-time or full-time professional, you need skills to apply for translation jobs. If you do not have these skills, it will be difficult for you to work as a translator. The following are some of the skills often required to become a professional translator.

  1. Language skills: You need to be proficient in different languages. That’s because, as a translator, you cannot simply stick to two languages. If that happens, you cannot work with versatile projects. Therefore, try to gain proficiency in at least four to five languages other than English to become a versatile translator.
  2. Technical knowledge: Technical knowledge is another skill required to work as a translator. Not only should you understand the use of a computer but also be proficient in using different tools. It can be the translator tool, editing tool, proofreading tool, and anything else.
  3. Proofreading skills: You need to be a good proofreader because it is one of the most important aspects of being a translator. Once the translation is complete, you need to compare both documents to ensure the meaning hasn’t changed a bit.
  4. Knowledge about documents: Different documents given for translation are different. For example, the immigration documents will be different from the company terms and policies. Therefore, you need to translate them according to their original version. You should know the technical aspects of these documents without fail.

Pay rates for a translator at

The pay rates of translation jobs are usually determined based on the skills and responsibilities of the translator. In addition, it will also depend on the role in which you are working. For instance, the pay rate will be low if you are an intern or a new hire. But the pay scale will be higher if you are a full-time or senior translator. Therefore, the pay varies according to your experience as a translator and the role in which you are working.

If you work only as a translator, the pay will be less than that of a professional who translates the documents, edits them, and proofreads the translated documents before submission. The more projects you handle, the higher your pay scale will be. But most of the time, the pay rate also depends on the quality of work. If you fail to meet the client's quality expectations, the client may cancel the project. In this case, you would not receive the full payment. Sometimes, you may not receive the payment at all.

At, our executives decide the job rates. They do not change for full-time translators. As for the part-time translators, the pay scale will depend on the project and the number of projects that you handle.

Tools required for online translation

You need several tools to complete the machine translation. Therefore, before you begin your role as a translator, you should be proficient in using these tools. At, we have a built-in translator tool to help our employees easily translate documents from one language to another. In addition, you also need tools like:

  • Grammar and spell-check: These tools will help you to remove any grammatical and spelling errors from the translated document. Therefore, the translated document will be flawless, without a single error.
  • Proofreading tool: This tool will help you to compare the original and newly translated documents. It ensures to keep the meaning intact without any changes.

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