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English dictionaries play an important role in our daily work. Workzly is here with a free online dictionary, for students, and working professionals. Enjoy free access to all English words, grammar tips, and pronunciations only on

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Key Features of Workzly online Dictionary

Workzly online dictionary houses all English words, sufficient for beginners as well as language experts. The online dictionary caters to students preparing for national exams, and for study purposes, on the go.

The free online dictionary has some useful features, that you just can’t say no to:

  • Accurate Word Definitions- The online dictionary offers an unmeasurable database of English words and their exact definitions for you to refer to from your computer or mobile.
  • Pronunciations- Workzly online dictionary also provides accurately recorded pronunciations for all words, so that you don’t have to think twice before using new words in your conversations!
  • Examples - An English dictionary is incomplete without grammatically correct examples of the words. Workzly provides several grammatically perfect examples using the words searched for, along with giving you an insight into the parts of speech, type of noun/verb used.
  • Easy to use Interface- Workzly English dictionary is not only free but also very simple to use. Its uncomplicated user interface and ease of searching add to the key features of the online dictionary.

Benefits of Using Online Dictionary

The Workzly English dictionary was created keeping in mind the instant need of today’s generation of working professionals and students to refer to the rules of English grammar, cross-check their pronunciations, and use impressive vocabulary in emails, blogs, and texts.

Online dictionaries have certain advantages over paper dictionaries. They are:

  • Fast Searching: Workzly online dictionary has a simple, in-built search bar, for users to enter the word they want to lookup in the dictionary.
  • Easy to use: Simply enter the word in the search bar and get the definitions, pronunciations, and related grammar, within seconds.
  • Convenient to carry: No need to lug around heavy dictionaries in your bag all day. With Workzly’s online dictionary, search for vocabulary, and grammar on the go from your mobile or computer.
  • Recorded pronunciations: Confused about how to pronounce a word correctly? Don’t worry, we have got your back! With Workzly’s English dictionary you can access accurately recorded pronunciation within seconds.
  • 100% Free: Forget about paying heftily for hard-bound dictionaries. Workzly’s online dictionary is completely free.

How Does Free Online Dictionary Work?

  • To enjoy the benefits of Workzly’s free online dictionary, search on your search engine.
  • Enter the word you want to lookup in the website search bar.
  • Enjoy lifetime free access to millions of words, definitions, and pronunciations with online dictionary.