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Use our free Excel to PDF converter to convert any Excel spreadsheet into a PDF file. PDF files are preferable to Excel spreadsheets for numerous reasons. They allow your tables to be viewed accurately by everyone, regardless of whether they have installed Excel. With the help of our high-quality converter, you can quickly change an Excel file into a PDF.

Drag and drop a spreadsheet or upload a workbook from the device. It's simple to convert XLS or XLSX files to PDF format using our online free converter. Our Excel to PDF converter is user-friendly and delivers a precise PDF copy of the Excel workbook, incorporating all the calculations and tables.

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  • Step 1: Upload your file to our online Excel to PDF converter for free.
  • Step 2: Click the convert button to begin converting Excel to PDF.
  • Step 3: Please wait a few seconds (longer for larger files) while the conversion occurs.
  • Step 4: You can now download the converted PDF file in clicks.

Features of Workzly.in Excel to PDF Converter

Easy conversion with a single click

You can instantly convert your Microsoft Excel to a PDF file with a free click. There is no registration or sign-up.

Safe conversion

We will remove all your Excel and PDF documents from our server. Hence our Excel to PDF converter is 100% safe to use.

Platform friendly

Our Excel to PDF-converter works well with all platforms. We change Excel to PDF on all platforms, whether you're using Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Easy Excel to PDF!

Get high-quality PDF documents in seconds. You can easily convert your Excel to PDF without choosing from a long list of options.

File Security

Our server uses 256-bit SSL Encryption to protect your files, including those in XLS, XLSX, and PDF formats.