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Our PDF to Word-converter is the best pick when converting a PDF to a Word file. PDFs are excellent because they always look the same regardless of any screen. In other words, if a PDF file were written on a Macbook and then viewed on a smartphone, Windows laptop, or television, it would look the same on any of those devices.

A disadvantage of PDF files is that you cannot edit them without dedicated editing software. In contrast to PDF files, you can edit DOC files in various applications. By converting your PDF to DOC format with our free PDF to Word converter, you may easily make changes to your PDFs.

How To Convert PDF to Word Using Our PDF to Word Converter?

  • Step 1: Choose the file you want to convert from PDF to Word.
  • Step 2: Select the convert button to convert the PDF to Word format.
  • Step 3: Please wait a few seconds (longer for larger files) while the conversion occurs.
  • Step 4: An expertly prepared Word document is generated and ready for download in seconds.

Features of PDF to Word Converter

Simple and fast conversion

PDF to Word conversion is as easy as a drag-and-drop operation. We do not set any limits on the size of files uploaded or need users to sign up for an account to upload them.

Assured the safety of your files

To guarantee the complete safety of your images during conversion, we employ SSL encryption.

Platform friendly

Whether using Mac OS, Windows, or Linux, you may use workzly's PDF-to-Word converter without any issues.

Security via file encryption

Our PDF-to-Word converter uses 256-bit SSL encryption to keep your files safe and won't be shared or viewed by anyone else.

Fast conversion with fully automated deletion

When you convert a PDF to Word, your data are processed and erased instantly.

Cloud-based PDF to word conversion

Many of our cloud-based servers exist only to convert PDFs into Word documents.

Quick PDF to word document conversion

Use our online converter, and you will be amazed at how simple it is to convert files. Give it a try, and we guarantee you will enjoy it.